Counselling in Tenterden - Rafael Dupré

My name is Rafael. I have been a professional counsellor for over 15 years – helping both adults and young people to really understand whatever it is that’s preventing them from enjoying life to the full.

With the right help, I’m convinced that everybody can make change happen, even in a short space of time. So, no matter what your situation, I’m here to provide the non-judgmental, confidential space you need to explore your thoughts and feelings. And together we will find a way forward.

A confidential 50-minute face-to-face counselling session costs from just £35, with the flexibility of daytime, evening or weekend appointments. I can almost certainly offer you a FREE assessment session this week, so if you need support and are seriously considering counselling then do get in touch.

Rafaël Dupré - counselling in Tenterden and Benenden
01580 445 005

" Every person is an individual - not just the sum of their issues, but also their potential. "

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  • Free assessment

    Our first meeting will always be a free 50-minute session where you can talk about what you want from counselling, ask questions and decide if I am someone you feel comfortable with and can trust and be open with. Together we will then decide on the right approach for you as an individual, be it short-term intensive therapy with a fixed number of sessions, or more long-term and open-ended.
  • How I work

    I usually see clients on a weekly basis and use what’s known as a integrative approach – integrating the affective, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological systems within one person, as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects. That just means that I work with each client as a whole person and use a variety of techniques to get the best result for you as an individual.
  • Follow-up and support

    My goal is to make sure that you spend as little time ‘in therapy’ as possible, so that you can focus on actually implementing the changes that will improve your life and allow you to move forward. However, if you do need further support then we can always agree follow-up either by telephone or Skype, or through further face-to-face sessions.

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    Adoption issues

    Anger and aggression

    Attachment disorders



    Career, work and stress

    Depression and anxiety

    Domestic violence

    Eating disorders

    Emotional abuse

    Family issues

    LGBT issues

    Low self-confidence

    Low self-esteem

    Relationships and divorce

    Sex and sexuality


    Making counselling affordable

    Making counselling affordable

    I charge £35 per hour for counselling appointments in Benenden and Tenterden, so long as your household income is less than £50,000. Otherwise my rate is £55 per hour. 50-minute initial assessments are always FREE.

    I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psyschotherapy (BACP), am fully insured and work within the BACP Ethical Framework. I undertake ongoing professional training and attend regular sessions with a BACP-accredited supervisor to ensure consistently high standards of care. I also hold current enhanced DBS certificates which allow me to work with both minors and vulnerable adults.

    To book an assessment, simply email me – or call
    01580 445 005.

    • About me

      Since gaining my degree in my native Belgium I have been a counsellor and psychotherapist in various mental health organisations and government-funded programmes in Europe before spending time living and working in Asia. I moved to the UK in 2011 and now divide my time between private practices in London and rural Kent, focusing on general therapy, as well as effective short-term counselling to help adults and young people make significant advances in their lives in a short period of time. I am also a teacher registered with the General Teaching Council of England (NCTL).

      In addition to my ongoing professional development, I have completed vocational courses in contextual therapy, family therapy, working with victims of (sexual) abuse, addiction (sex, substances, porn), attachment related difficulties and relational issues.

    I helped a couple in their thirties to understand each other’s different perceptions of affection and intimacy so that they could realistically change their expectations of each other.
    I helped a 32 year-old man whose anger was undermining his performance at work so that he could channel his frustrations and separate them from his home life.
    Counselling Practice Benenden
    Counselling In Benenden
    I helped a 28 year-old woman develop successful coping strategies for anxiety in her professional life allowing her to gain the promotion she wanted.
    I helped a 27 year-old man accept the anxieties that were driving his alcohol addiction so that he could be open and honest with those around him.

    Frequently Asked Questions [+]

    • What is the purpose of the initial assessment session?
      The assessment is an opportunity to get to know each other and so that you can explain a bit about your situation and why you might need help. I will tell you more about who I am and how I work and if you feel comfortable talking to me, then we will decide together what your goals for therapy will be and put together a timing plan for achieving those goals.

    • Will there be a counselling contract and what is in the contract?
      I make a contract with all my clients – it sets out the expectations from both sides and agrees basic things like when your sessions will take place, fees, how I deal with confidentiality, my cancellation policy and the legal and ethical frameworks within which I work.

    • When will my therapy take place?
      From the outset we can agree any dates or times that you (or I) are not available, but other than that we would meet on the same day at the same time every week which really does help in terms of continuity and ensuring that you make progress.

    • How much will therapy cost me?
      Depending on your income sessions cost £35 or £55 if your household income is over £50,000 per year. This can be paid in advance by BACS transfers or in cash on the day. Unfortunately I do not accept payments by card or cheque.

    • What if I need to cancel or re-book a session?
      When we plan your therapy, I set time aside to see you each week, so if you need to cancel then you will still need to pay the full fees for that session. This is not only a practical consideration but also helps to minimise the interruptions to your therapy which can undermine your progress.

    • How long will I need therapy for?
      This is something that we will establish through the initial assessment when we look at the specific issues you want to work on and what is realistic. Many clients will work across 10 to 15 sessions, with the option of additional sessions afterwards. I also work on an open-ended basis, which might be six to twelve months, depending on your circumstances and needs.

    • What happens if I no longer can continue therapy?
      If for whatever reason you are not able to continue therapy there is a four week notice period, which gives us time to draw the therapy to an appropriate close, rather than leaving things with an abrupt ending and unanswered questions.

    • Can I contact you outside the agreed weekly time?
      If for any reason you need to contact me outside your weekly session then in the first instance please email me – – and I will arrange to call you back. Alternatively you can call 01580 445 005 and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.